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With Careflow Connect you stay connected with colleagues, informed about patient information and engaged with the conversation on care. Better care starts with better communications.

Careflow Connect is intuitive and easy to use whether you’re using a desktop computer or mobile device. The following documentation provides guidance on how to get started and use the array of functionality and features available.

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Knowledge Base

  1. About Careflow 

    1. What is Careflow Connect?
    2. Who can join Careflow Connect?
    3. Register
    4. Careflow User Guide
    5. Types of membership
  2. Registration, Login and Password 

    1. Registration steps and how to get started
    2. Password strength
    3. Locked out
    4. Lost access to email address registered with Careflow Connect
    5. Existing account associated with email address
  3. Profile and Account Settings 

    1. Member profiles
    2. General profile information
    3. Employment / job details
    4. Profile picture
    5. Add a bio
  4. Networks 

    1. What is a network?
    2. Network Membership Settings
    3. Join a network
    4. Who is in my network?
    5. Network directories – Finding people
  5. Groups 

    1. What is a group?
    2. Groups and how they work
    3. Create a group (web only)
    4. Edit a group's details
    5. Join a group (web only)
  6. Messaging and Feeds 

    1. Messaging
    2. Who can I message?
    3. From whom can I receive messages?
    4. How many people can I message at once?
    5. Attach a file to a message
  7. Events 

    1. Events
    2. Create a Network Event
    3. Create a Group Event
    4. Cancel an event
    5. Edit an event
  8. Files 

    1. Sharing files on Careflow
    2. File uploads
    3. File upload limit
    4. Total file storage capacity
    5. View files
  9. Security and Privacy 

    1. My account is compromised / hacked and I can’t log in!
    2. How do I report a security incident?
    3. I am receiving inappropriate communications
    4. How do I report that someone is sending or posting abuse/inappropriate messages within Careflow?
    5. How do I report an impersonation violation?
  10. Careflow App 

    1. Android App
    2. iOS App
    3. Reset App pincode / passcode
    4. Forgotten App passcode
    5. App feed is empty
  11. Android App 

    1. Build subscriptions to alerts
    2. Visability of alert feed
    3. View an alert on Android
  12. Alerts 

    1. Mobile Alerts
    2. Careflow Connect Alerts Features
    3. Visability of Alert feed
    4. Guide to Alerts
    5. Build subscriptions to alerts
  13. Patient conversations 

    1. About patient conversations / tagging
    2. Starting a patient conversation
    3. Creating a patient list
    4. Refer a patient
    5. Receiving a referral
  14. FAQ's 

    1. Session Timeout
    2. Will my employer be able to see the personal details I submit?
    3. How do I unsubscribe from Careflow invites?
    4. My IT department are blocking your website
    5. How do I unsubscribe from email marketing material?
  15. All articles 

    1. Mobile Alerts
    2. Android App
    3. What is a group?
    4. Events
    5. Sharing files on Careflow
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